Mes Twitts du 2007-11-13

  • @Tedesign Get rid of your FAT, get a Mac 😉 #
  • Les twitts c’est sympa mais ça pourrait vite prendre du temps à lire, alors si chaque twitt pointe sur une video…. no way, je les zappe #
  • I’m impressed by recent Microsoft moves #
  • Google Android : everytime “Open Handset Alliance” is written somewhere, I read “Headset”, LOL 🙂 #
  • Nothing related to my previous Microsoft twitt : #
  • The Mac is now near where Windows was 10 years ago speaking about software UNinstallation… Macintosh need URGENTLY an official UNINSTALLER #
  • @kikistan I have no problem with Time Machine, what king of problem do you have ? #
  • @oseres I do #
  • @cchoquel iChat ports that need to be open : iChat AV et les conférences audio/vidéo à plusieurs (plus de deux) #
  • @shamir Any official position of Yahoo regarding OpenID, OAuth, OpenSocial ? #
  • @shamir We owe a tea with JMP back before your holidays 🙂 #

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