My Twitts from 2008-04-12

  • @JCCapelli Count me in if you need help witrh my Batmobile :- #
  • Freeze! Happy Birthday @Charles_Nouyrit "Le Beau" 🙂 #
  • [FR] On dirait qu’il va y en avoir du monde au China ce soir 🙂 Resa? Ça bouge le FrenchWeb entrepreneurial! #
  • By the way, you should all kindly ask Jean-Francois Roux to install a lift… (like the Budha Bar) 😉 #
  • ok ok ok!! You geeks won!! I give up… As soon as I get back home I jailbreak my iPhone! #
  • Which iPhone jailbreaking software do you recomand ? #
  • @Altaide_JF & @philj I knew you’ll do your coming out one day #
  • @Charles_Liebert [FR] tu es si KO que ça? Je peux passer te chercher en Batmobile si tu crains les embruns #
  • Speculoos, Rocher Suchard, thé Marco Polo Mariage Frères, happiness !! #
  • iPhon jailbroken! What are the 10 apps I MUST have, and 10 are nice to hve? #
  • @PhilJ [FR] Le bassiste de Bashung ? Très bon, très bon. Mais les musicos de Lavillier alors là ENORMES!!!! #
  • On my way to China Club. @charles_liebert call me if need a cab #

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