My Twitts from 2008-04-15

  • @FredCavazza Did you asked him the right to post his pictrure ? 😉 #
  • @jmplanche I got soime ideas too if you want some trash ideas #
  • @FredCavazza This guy just ran away his family 5 years ago never giving signs anymore, he hold up a bank 2 days ago, and now he hates you 🙂 #
  • Mr Delanoe how do I park my car with your bloody fucking "Stop-Park" systems nobody knows how to pull them down? – photo at tw … #
  • #
  • @jmplanche Any comment ? :-))) #
  • @AdrienG Well it’s not that simple. Nobody knows who deliver the bips, and the rare bip owners have never seen a Stop-Park being responsive #
  • @Lena_lena [FR] C’est normal cette fenêtre qui pop avec une pub pour La Redoute sur ton blog ? #

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