My Twitts from 2008-05-18

  • Flash 10 is integrating P2P and local disk storage, this will revolutionized the web as Flash 8 did with the video. Tons of new services inc #
  • @martinvars We sleep because during normal activity our brain bufferize everything, comes a time buffer will overflow, sleeping sort&store #
  • @lchoquel Yes denifitely! Imagine what two guys in a "garage" can do with Air+Flash 10(P2P)+S3+EC2+DB…. #
  • We are more and more back to "garage" myth world of possibilities. I lived this with the personnal computers, then video games, it’s now web #
  • @jmplanche Juilly??? north of Paris ? #
  • @Charles_Liebert I’ve been there too!! 1982-1983 #
  • @jmplanche Flash 10 with pleasure, to talk about the "garage" myth come back #

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