My Twitts from 2008-05-27

  • @xtof_fr Dentiste – Ariel ILLOUZ -01 44 49 08 54 – 42 avenue de Ségur #
  • @jmplanche Looks like 1and1 is down again…. !!! the whole blog is down 🙁 I need to cmove to another host!! #
  • @jmplanche I cant find your B2C offer on your web site man 🙂 #
  • @PeeWeee [FR] Hélas ce n’est pas public, la marge de manoeuvre est bien faible quand un Premier Ministre et un secrétaire d’état sont là #
  • Well my friends, no need to ask me for invitations for the event with the Prime Minister, I have NO control on any guest list #

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