My Twitts from 2008-01-02

  • Club Internet R.I.P., tribute to Fabrice Sergeant and Arnaud Lagardère #
  • The world is changing, we can now follow our Jazz artists (@yaronherman) on Twitter. Thanks @OurielOhayon #
  • @OurielOhayon Amazing Twitter, you can tell @yaronherman he just sold 2 albums on iTunes !! 🙂 #
  • After Amazon S3, then Amazon EC2, here comes Amazon SimpleDB. This is great news, all this is changing the rules and lower tech access #
  • @CLaueR Thanks for Erlang info, another amazing information. Wish I were still a programmer!! This leads to more creativity #
  • @CLaueR yes, and after the subprime crisis (not solved) here comes the credit cards crisis. America’s bankrupcy, burning non existing cash #
  • $915 billion in U.S. credit card debt. $915 billion goods (made in China) bought with non existing cash counterpart #
  • federal debt = $7.9 Trillion. America Debt Total is now $48 Trillion. In in world economy this problem concerns all of us. #
  • @CLaueR Jean-Pierre Foucault too! #
  • @jberrebi & @OurielOhayon did you read the * ? 🙂 #
  • "if you’re not a player like Ev, and you don’t have unlimited access to capital do not take this advice & focus on building revenue streams" #
  • @Charles_Liebert @StephZibi @rodrigo1971 It’s invite only, or closed closed beta ? #
  • @Charles_Liebert I’m defenetely a peon 🙂 #

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