My Twitts from 2008-02-04

  • Skype on Mac is getting worst and worst!!!! Crashes, low sound level and quality, high CPU usage, 1 minute launch time! #
  • @codordog Argh 🙁 "Votre navigateur ou système d’exploitation n’est pas pris en charge" #
  • Apple entering the dance for Yahoo ? What I heard months ago from insiders is now strong recuring rumor : #
  • Uh Oh, Google & Apple partnering on Yahoo bid against Microsoft, with Google buying/insourcing Yahoo Search #
  • @CLaueR I agree both cases are tendentious. Anyway I love both scenario and think Microsoft can do something great with Yahoo. #
  • @nayoungkwon Yes, and Yahoo+Microsoft makes really sense, and more than we think. #
  • @nayoungkwon I dont know if one would be really better than the other, but sure the result would be dramaticaly different for the users. #
  • @CLaueR Keeping separate, yes! Yahoo is a great brand, killing it would be a shame, I’m pretty sure nobody at Redmond wants to kill it. #

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