My Twitts from 2009-09-05

  • SVP répondez et RT: Pourquoi utilisez-vous ou utiliseriez-vous (via @jcamblain) #
  • I'm just fucking bored of this 140 chars limit on twitter, or how to set non sense frustration !! #
  • Check out "Apéro/Diner Entreprenautes Associés" on Sep 29th. RSVP at #DinerEA #twvt #
  • Très bien Tweetvite !! Belle intégration comme il faut, OAuth, FB Connect, etc. bravo !! #
  • @jmplanche warning, as far as remember, AMEX web site only accept =< 8 chars passwords without telling you… and truncate if >8…!!! in reply to jmplanche #
  • Any advice. I am looking for good advices for buying a 40 TB NAS storage server, looking for the best price/GB ratio… #
  • excellent!! RT @rgaidot @LvP U can build your own server ( #
  • I should listen to Curtis Mayfield more often !! Love this 70's sound #

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