My Twitts from 2009-12-14

  • RT @chanezon machine learning with quantum algorithms: holy guacamole! This is as big news as it gets! #
  • amazing!RT @salvadordiaz: google's post RT @cedric_exbrayat Google Demonstrates Quantum Algorithms #
  • The problem with music subscription models is that you own nothing but the right to monthly pay and loose everything the day you stop #
  • Great readings!! free electronic versions of Esther Dyson's excellent "Release 1.0" publications from 1983 to 2006 #
  • still down after 3 days of bad cold & throat infection, technical knockout, can't even read, sight troubles from fever, resurrection soon? #
  • …is virtually falling in love for Amanda Coolong from the Traveling Geeks 🙂 #

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