My Twitts from 2009-12-23

  • Just set up my twitter backup with – Backup your online accounts for free if you signup by Jan 31st #
  • +1 (I hate that) !! RT @patphelan oppps @backupify you never asked for permission for that tweet, thats pretty naughty #
  • @thibaud75 Warning : @backupify tweets on your name without your permission #FAIL #marketing #netiquette in reply to thibaud75 #
  • @thibaud75 Did you tried @silentale ? Could be considered as a backup beyond it's primary conversation consolidation goal in reply to thibaud75 #
  • You'd rather conclude to change that RT @backupify @lvp no we don't, we ask permission. Please see this screenshot #
  • Merci 🙂 RT @xtof_fr Reçu @RSLNmag avec deux pages portrait de @LvP "itinéraire d'un enfant du web" #OpenCoffee #
  • Think again RT @backupify @lvp we have thought about it, but we rarely get complaints, most people uncheck it if they don't want to tweet. #
  • +1 yes! @lfp RT @thibaut_barrere: Productivity tip: get started. #
  • FR-Je suis très fier que 50% de l'équipe soit chez Fair Play Interactive | VLMC : iMovie façon VLC un jour sur Mac? #
  • [FR] ATTENTION-Nouvelle ARNAQUE pour les (auto)entrepreneurs : Registre des Sociétés Nouvellement Constituées (SNC) #
  • @magescas You'r not alone man 🙂 RT @magescas à 2:44 un peu seul sur Twitter. Heure d'écouter Robert Wyatt, Cuckooland. in reply to magescas #
  • @magescas nite big boy 🙂 in reply to magescas #
  • And yet another long long day at work, as 4 AM is approaching I call it a day, crashing to bed, nite all #
  • RT @Scobleizer: Prediction for 2010: someone will start a social media detox program and will make a ton of money trying to save lives. #
  • Looks like a big mashup of tens of existing offers. Zaoza's futur? Sawnd Blog: Start up Idea #12 / music Manifesto #
  • Very interesting! : New sectors and regions dominate the world’s top 25 companies #
  • Worth the reading (I spent 15 years in the video game industry) : "Learn to Let Go: How Success Killed Duke Nukem" #
  • Why triple play operators loves FPI 🙂 Apple May Be On The Verge Of Kneecapping The Cable Industry. Finally #

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