My Twitts from 2010-08-21

  • 1/ no surprise, we knew 2/ Silverlight could win -> Mobile Flash Fail: Weak Android Player Proves Jobs Right #
  • RT @coletteballou: Whole lotta pont partying going on: Hub Forum special Ballou PR Pont Party on Sep. 8th! Save the date! Pls RT #
  • Why Free Plans Don’t Work | Software by Rob #
  • We are definitely good at destroying natural resources->Nobel prizewinner: We are running out of helium #
  • “Americans spend 90% of their time staring at glowing rectangles.” – 5 Questions With…Clicker CEO Jim Lanzone #
  • love it!! "the World Wide Web is an Asteroid that hit the planet in a slow-motion cataclysmic explosion 15 years ago" #

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